Privacy Policy

Advisors Capital, Inc. wants you to know that we value the trust you have placed in us. As part of earning that trust, we want you to know that the privacy of your personal information is a serious matter for Advisors Capital, Inc. and its employees. We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. Advisors Capital, Inc. only collects information that is needed to serve you and to administer our business. It’s also why we share customer information only as outlined in these Privacy Principles and Practices and as permitted by law.

    We Limit the Information Collected

We collect only limited “non-public personal information”. Non-public personal information is information about you, which is not available publicly. We gather this information so we can deliver the products and services you request easily and efficiently and to administer our business. We also collect some information as required by federal or state law. We gather this information from a variety of sources and use it in different ways including:

    Information we Receive Directly from You

1.) Contact information such as your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number. We use this information to send you information about our products and services, and to contact you regarding your accounts.
2.) Identification information such as a social security number or a mother’s maiden name. This information helps us identify you as our customer, to prevent unauthorized use of accounts, or unauthorized disclosure of information, or report to the IRS the amount of interest you paid on your mortgage.
3.) Financial information such as income, assets or liabilities. We use this information to process applications.

    Information about Your Transactions and Experiences with Advisors Capital,Inc.

1.) Account balances, payment history, and account usage. This information permits us to process your requests quickly and recommend appropriate products or benefits.
2.) Information about you from consumer reporting agencies:
3.) Credit history and credit scores. We use this information to process loan applications and to monitor and collect existing accounts.

    We use Strict Security Standards to Safeguard your Information

Advisors Capital, Inc. safeguards customer information using various tools such as firewalls, passwords and data encryption. We continually improve the way we use these tools to meet or exceed industry standards. We also limit access to personal information to protect against its unauthorized use. The only employees who can see your personal information are those who need it as part of their jobs.

    We Carefully Limit the Sharing of the Information

Advisors Capital, Inc. carefully limits and controls how we share information about customers. We do not disclose non-public personal information about our customers except as permitted by law and as set forth in these principles. We do share information in limited cases. They include:

    To Complete your Transaction or Administer your Account

1.) Contact and Identification Information that you provide us such as your name, address, telephone, e-mail address, and social security number;
2.) Information about your transactions with us such as your account balances, payment history, and account usage.
3.) We may use outside companies to perform services for us to complete your requested services, such as appraisal companies, credit reporting companies, private mortgage insurance policies, property insurance policies, and/or loan underwriting. These companies are legally obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the information we provide them. They are restricted from using this information for any reason beyond the performance of the specified services on our behalf. We also may use outside companies to help us market our own products. When we use these companies, we give them only the customer information they need to perform that service.

    Other Circumstances Where We May Share Information

(i) When you specifically request it or give us permission to do so, (ii) When we are required by law, (iii) When we share information with consumer reporting agencies, (iv) When we suspect fraudulent or criminal activity, (v) When we receive a subpoena, (vi) When we are ordered by a court to do so.

Advisors Capital, Inc. does not share, sell, or rent customer information with or to any company to enable them to market their products and services to our customers.

    Information Sharing — You have the Right and the Choice

You have the right to tell us not to share any information you give us on applications and that we receive completing the requested transaction or administering your account.

To tell us not to share this information or for questions about this policy, please contact us at:

By Mail:
Advisors Capital, Inc.
Attn: Customer Privacy
39810 Grand River Ave. Suite C-200
Novi, MI 48375

By Email:

When writing or emailing, please include your name, mailing address, telephone number and, if possible, your account number.

We will honor your choice on restricting information sharing and your preference will remain in effect until you tell us otherwise. If you previously told us not to share, you don’t need to contact us again unless you wish to change your election.

If you contact us, and you and another person have jointly obtained a product or service, we will treat a do-not-share instruction by you as applying to you and each joint customer unless you tell us that you are acting only on your behalf.